Maryanne Telese for Ann Arbor Real Estate
Maryanne Telese for Ann Arbor Real Estate

What People Are Saying About Maryanne Telese's Service

Great Job! Works non stop to get the job done...on top of everything!! EXTREMELY pleased!

Beth Kuiava

Maryanne has now helped us both buy and sell a house. When we were buyers, we asked her to help on the recommendation of a friend and with selling, we are return clients. She works with excellence and knows the market well. We always felt like we were a priority. She has always given her best efforts in staying in contact, recommendations to get the best price, and making us feel like she is in the process with us. Thanks, Maryanne!

Skyler Gast

Maryanne is such a professional and brings so much knowledge and skill to her job. She is very thorough in her evaluation of your home and the things that need to be done in order to get the very best price. She also knows how to juggle the offers as they come in to help the seller get the highest sale price as well. She even brought bug spray to keep mosquitos from bothering the guests who visited the house in the woods. Wonderful!!

Wendy Bloom

Maryanne is exceptional! She navigated us through our home search with professionalism and expertise and went above and beyond to help us find a house we love. We highly recommend her and will work with her again in the future. If you want someone you trust completely to help you find the best possible outcome, you want to work with Maryanne.

Kim Jacobson

Everything worked out perfectly! I sold my home and bought a new house all with the support, guidance and advocacy of Maryanne!

Michelle Duprey

Maryanne Telese was fantastic, highly professional and always on top of her game. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a Realtor with no resevations.

Charles Frazier

We couldn't have asked for a better Realtor. Maryanne was extremely knowledgeable, patient and proactive during the entire home selling and buying process. She was always on top of things, communicating what needed to be done and helping us understand the process. Maryanne had become a trusted advisor. We wouldn't consider anyone else for our real estate needs.

Keith and Ban Aragona

We highly recommend Maryanne Telese. Our home had some challenges due to its unique nature. She spent time telling us her marketing plan to sell our home for a price we both thought was appropriate. Maryanne responded quickly to any questions or concerns we had. She was our advocate through the whole process.

David Hermann

Working with Maryanne was a dream. She's down to earth and aspirational (and inspriational!) all at the same time. She helped us not only sell our house in a tough area market (for full price), but helped us find our dream home as well. I truly cannot say enough about how much we enjoyed working with her. I'm telling all my friends she's the Realtor they've been looking for!

Rachel Francisco

Maryanne came highly recommended to me by many of my coworkers, so right there I knew she was good. I was looking for several specific features in a house that were hard to find in Ann Arbor, but she worked tirelessly to find me a house with what I was looking for. She knows the area and the neighborhoods and the houses, and helped me avoid potential problem houses. I am picky, but she had no problem showing me many houses until we had found the right one. She also recommended an excellent mortgage banker who made that part of the process very easy as well.

I recommend Maryanne without reservation and thanks to her I am in a great house in a great area right in my price range. She made buying a house straightforward and helped me every step of the way, which I will always be greatful for.

Ryan Echlin

Maryanne did a wonderful job helping us purchase our new home; her tenacity, experience & knowledge of the market were insturmental in helping us find a fantastic house. As first time home buyers, there was a lot that we needed to learn, and Maryanne helped us navigate that intimidating process through every twist and turn.

We came into the process with tons of requirements and limitations during a tough market for buyers, and were quickly frustrated with the small number of homes available. Even with those handicaps, Maryanne helped us find a wonderful house in a great community in an amazing short period of time. She listened carefully to all of our demands and challenged our (often faulty) assumptions; through each prospective home we toured, she figured out what was really important and guided us in the right direction. When we did finally find the house for us, we weren't alone- 6 other buyers bid on the house in the same day. Maryanne skillfully analyzed the situation, helped us craft a superb offer letter and our bid was accepted the very next day.

Her refreshing straightforwardness saved us a lot of time and anguish, and when decisions needed to be made quickly she served as a superb sounding board and kept us on the right path. We are grateful for all that Maryanne did for us, and know that her efforts helped give us a pleasant home buying experience. It is no exaggeration to say that without Maryanne, we would not have our lovely home-her extraordinary efforts led directly to our success.

Ryan & Stephanie Henyard 

I have bought two properties with Maryanne as my agent. Both purchases were great experiences! She is extremely responsive in this fast-moving market, and was available every time I contacted her. She had good ideas and was very flexible and in tune with my particular real estate goals. She has also given me a wealth of advice, contacts and vendors during and after the sale. I will definitely choose her as my agent in the future!

Dan Lorts

Ann Arbor homeowner and landlord 

Endorsement: Maryanne Telese

It's true! Maryanne has transferred the passion she expressed to her audiences as an opera singer into an inspiring professional practice of guiding people in the process of buying their new homes. But this time, Maryanne invites us to center stage to be players in a unique production known as "Our New Home". In this collaboration, Maryanne provided us the guidance to ensure that we would make the best decisions. Like the director of an acclaimed opera, Maryanne conducted the entire process of buying our home with grace and harmony. Bravo!

There are so many things that made our working with Maryanne delightful. First, we never imagined we could have so much fun with our real estate agent. Her warmth, sincerity and humor made each day of house searching a new adventure. Using another metaphor, Maryanne was our "sherpa", guiding us into new terrain, directing our attention to the notable and noteworthy, and inspiring us to see the familiar with fresh eyes.

Maryanne listens very carefully and showed an exceptional ability to patiently sort through the many different reactions we had to the houses we viewed. When we found ourselves at junctures and key decision points, Maryanne was able to integrate her knowledge with our sensibilities and help us evaluate the practical and personal dimensions of each prospect. Maryanne provided excellent balance, giving us the time and space to contemplate, while providing thoughtful advice and support whenever we needed it.

From a business standpoint, the entire process was flawless. Maryanne responded promptly to our calls and e-mails, providing us the most up-to-date information as she encountered it. She gave us fabulous referrals to additional service providers to complete the full process of buying our home, which is essential for people moving from another area of the country. From search, to contract, to closing, we completely trusted Maryanne and valued the depth of her professional experience. The reviews are in! We found our perfect home and we are grateful to Maryanne for a unique, professional and enjoyable experience!

-Sandy Payette and Carl Lagoze 

Dear, Maryanne,

I still cannot believe how quickly you sold my house, as is, and over the asking price! I am very grateful for your expertise in pricing my property such that you not only sold it quickly, but you elicited multiple offers. My experience with you and Howard Hanna exceeded all my expectations - it could not have been more favorable.

I'm happy to know my neighbor next door did contact you! She had been talking about moving also, now that her children are grown, and after relating to her my very positive experience and espressing my total confidence in you, I'm thrilled she followed-through. Good luck! Trust that if anyone else of my acquaintance expresses interest in selling (or buying) in your area, I will confidently and enthusiastically highly recommend you!

On a personal note, not only did I appreciate you professional wisdom, but also that you are a really comfortable, pleasant, straight-shooting professional. You are certainly in the right business!

So thank-you again for your good work, and I happily reiterate my open invitation to stop by my new residence any time you find yourself in Livonia!


Robin K. Henke 

Maryanne Telese is an excellent Realtor. We have had the pleasure of knowing and working with her for the last almost two years! She gave us invaluable advice in the search for our house. We initially were set to purchase a property as a short sale but when things were dragging on too long and the property appraised below our offer, she urged us to consider other options. One closed door paved the way for a better opportunity. Maryanne was diligent and thorough in assisting us in the search for our current home. We ended up getting a much better deal than we would have with the previously mentioned property. Maryanne has a great personality, hardworking, energetic, no-nonsense, well organized, compassionate and trustworthy. We are very pleased with our home buying experience and there is no doubt that is due to having Maryanne as our Realtor. We wholeheartedly recommend her!

Chris and Charmaine Gregory

Maryanne was a joy to work with. She listened to what I wanted but also keyed into items that I didn't specifically state. Because of her experience and intuitive nature, she ended up finding the absolutely perfect home for me. I'm a novice homebuyer but she knows the ropes and led me easily through the home buying process. I also travel for work and she was very accomodating to my schedule and worked behind the scenes to take care of items that I could not. I appreciate her knowledge and thoughtfulness and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to find the perfect home!

Sandy Johanesen


You are an example of what a good, honest realtor should be. You are truly a "class act" and present yourself in a manner far above the other people within your profession. We know from experience the level of service you always provide to your customers....


  Steve and Janet Stricklen

We met Maryanne at an open house and knew right away that she was the realtor for us! From the beginning, Maryanne was open and honest with us about the realities of selling a home and eased our concerns of doing that in a difficult real estate market. She educated us on our available options for not only selling our home, but buying a new home and was very concious and thoughtful of our interests and expectations. She was always very willing to come to our home after work and was patient with us while we kept our 2 young children entertained. She would even sing songs to them!

Since we were looking for our "forever" home, we knew we wanted to look at lots of houses. We toured over 30 homes and each time we got together, Maryanne was excited and anxious telling us "this is the fun part!". She was engaged with us everytime we met, talked or e-mailed. She took our interest and concerns seriously and that was very important to us, especially when you are trying to sell and buy at the same time! Everything worked out perfectly in the end and we have found a beautiful home, our "forever" home

Maryanne, you have "forever" clients!

All our best,

Mike and Mindy Warden

 Are you looking for a realtor? Stop and call Maryanne Telese!

We decided to sell our house at the worst possible time, and Maryanne made it happen! She told us what exactly needed to be done on our part, and what her plan for a successful sale was. To complicate things, we stipulated that we wanted one last Thanksgiving and Christmas at home with no showings. Maryanne was completely understanding about that and was always positive with us. We accepted an offer in February (and not the first one we received) and closed by the middle of April!

Maryanne Telese was not only able to sell our home in the worst possible real estate market, she brought us a very fair selling price. She handled the details with such grace that the emotional issues of selling a home actually became a joy rather than a burden. Never before have we seen such honesty, compassion and tireless efforts from a realtor to help clients reach their goals.

Maryanne Telese is simply amazing! Our only regret is not meeting her sooner, as we have come to know her as a friend.

Keisten and Richard Beene

Maryanne is the personification of the word "professional". She is diligent, dedicated and devoted to her role as realtor. Even more so, Maryanne is sensitive and gifted in listening to your soul for what you "really want and need to be happy in a home choice". Maryanne met with me, found out who I truly am, and sorted through the market with the best skills and intuition possible. I made a decision to place an offer on a place and Maryanne said "please do not make the offer until you see one place we could not get into a few days before". I totally trusted her intuition despite not wanting to miss the first opportunity. Upon seeing the place we had missed I KNEW this was for me. Maryanne knew well that both places were excellent choices but she knew my nature and did what it took to make sure I not miss what has become a home that not one day has gone by that I do not feel extremely grateful for my choice.

Maryanne understandably does well as a realtor as she did as an Opera singer, but what she really does best is help people be fulfilled and happy. I have gotten a great friend as a result of my good fortune to work with her in finding my home.

Dan DeZura

Being first-time home buyers, we were naturally excited about the prospect of purchasing our first home, however, we were also apprehensive and anxious about the process and realized that having a good agent would increase our chances of being successful! After meting with several agents, we decided to work with Maryanne Telese, and ever since our first outing together, we could not have been more pleased with our choice of agents! Maryanne proved to be not only very competent, knowledgeable and dilligent in her work on our behalf, but also extremely thoughtful in her responses to our questions as well as to our confused and changing ideas about our own preferences; this was based on Maryanne's refreshing ability and willingness to listen to and watch us closely during our home visits, and to the reflective and respectful manner in which she talked with us about our observations and judgements. Because of this, she was able to remind us of some of those "tiny details" about our views that we may have overlooked in our decision making process. Indeed, in addition to her willingness to work around an erratic schedule such as ours, Maryanne is delightfully attentive, fun and personable, and knows how to make the home buying process not only successful but also pleasant, even for folks like us, who have no experience (not to mention very little patience) in such matters. Within only a few short months, Maryanne successfully managed our home purchase, making us truly satisfied customers! We would recommend Maryanne, without reservation, to anyone who is in need of an agent: you will not be disappointed! Thank you, Maryanne for all your careful work on our behalf.

Christian and Corinne 

Having experienced the process of buying and slling houses 28 times (a total of 14 houses) over 43 years in 3 countries, Maryanne Telese wins, hands down, as our favorite Realtor of all times!

Maryanne might have previously been an excellent and successful Opera singer, but she greatly excels in the role of Realtor! It was a pleasure dealing with such a professional, knowledgeable and efficient lady, who knows the "stuff" and recognizes what it takes to tailor fit ones needs and wants, into successful operation. Her amiable and genial personality along with her attention to detail take away so much of the stress and strain associated with moving.

If anyone reading this is having doubts about who to choose as their Realtor...look no further...give Maryanne a call today!

Chrissie and Tony Crolla 

Dear Maryanne,

Chris and I just want you to know how much we truly appreciate all that you've done to help us sell our house. We definitely hit a few bumps along the way, but you handled everything like a pro! We have been so impressed with the personal attention and care you have given us and we're so glad we had you on our team!

Thank you for everything and please promise to stay in touch!

We wish you continued success!

Chris and Elizabeth DeRose 

Maryanne impressed us every step of the way during the sale of our former house. Before we listed our house, she walked through each room and gave us honest feedback on what we needed to do to prepare our home for sale and she came back to check on our progress along the way. We got multiple offers at the price we wanted after just on day of showings! She was also very knowledgeable on the process and politics involved in the area's real estate market, which made us feel that we were in very good hands. Her personal attention, tenacity, and dedication is a true example of excellent client service. Maryanne also helped us find out new home. We had very specific requirements, and she was able to find us the perfect fit at the right price. We have recommended Maryanne to friends and all have been very happy with her service. We will definitely use her again when we plan our next move. (She's also a lot of fun!!) Thanks, Maryanne!

Karen and Chris Ongena

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